Postage Stamp - Vatican City - 1965


Postage Stamp - Vatican City - 1965


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Vatican City

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This set of four stamps was issued by Vatican City to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Dante's birth. The 10-lire stamp is based on the portrait of Dante in Raphael's fresco Disputation of the Holy Sacrament in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. The other three stamps are based on Sandro Botticelli's illustrations to the Divina commedia found in a manuscript volume in the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin known as MS Hamilton 201 and a manuscript in the Vatican Library known as Cod. Reg. Lat. 1896. The illustrations are as follows: Dante encounters a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf (L. 40; Inferno 1; Cod. Reg. Lat. 1896), Dante and Virgil at the foot of Mount Purgatory (L. 70; Purgatorio 3; MS Hamilton 201), and Dante and Beatrice in the heaven of the moon (L. 200; Paradiso 3; MS Hamilton 201). All of the stamps were designed by Casimira Dabrowska and each stamp was engraved by a different person: A. Quieti (L. 10), G. Denza (L. 40), M. Soccorsi (L. 70), and E. V. de Cresci (L. 200).
Denomination: 10 lire (10 VAL); 40 lire (40 VAL); 70 lire (70 VAL); 200 lire (200 VAL)
Perforation: 13 ½ × 14 (comb)
Printer: Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, Officina Carte Valori (Rome, Italy)
Printing process: Photogravure
Print run: 3,156,600 sets


40 × 30 mm

Bibliographic Citation

Michel no. 477 (L. 10)
Michel no. 478 (L. 40)
Michel no. 479 (L. 70)
Michel no. 480 (L. 200)
Sassone no. 410 (L. 10)
Sassone no. 411 (L. 40)
Sassone no. 412 (L. 70)
Sassone no. 413 (L. 200)
Scott no. 410 (L. 10)
Scott no. 411 (L. 40)
Scott no. 412 (L. 70)
Scott no. 413 (L. 200)
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Sandro Botticelli
Casimira Dabrowska
A. Quieti
G. Denza
M. Soccorsi
E. V. de Cresci
Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, Officina Carte Valori (Rome, Italy)