Postage Stamp - Sovereign Military Order of Malta - 2014


Postage Stamp - Sovereign Military Order of Malta - 2014


Postage Stamp


Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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This set of six postage stamps was issued by Poste Magistrali, the postal arm of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), a sovereign, Roman Catholic order of chivalry. The set is SMOM issue number 472, "Capolavori della letteratura" (masterpieces of literature), and features reproductions of engravings from an edition of the Divina commedia edited by Antonio Zatta and published in Venice from 1747 to 1758. Each stamp is captioned at the bottom as follows:
  • "Gaetano Zompini: Inferno Canto I / Dante ostacolato dalle fiere nella selva oscura" (Dante stopped by the three beasts in the dark wood)
  • "Michelangelo Schiavonio: Inferno Canto VIII / Il demone Flegiàs conduce Dante alla città di Dite (The demon Phlegyas ferries Dante to the city of Dis)
  • Michelangelo Schiavonio: Purgatorio Canto III / Dante incontra Manfredi, figlio di Federico II (Dante meets Manfred, the son of Frederick II)
  • Michelangelo Schiavonio: Purgatorio Canto XV, 2o Cornice / L'Angelo della Misericordia appare a Dante e Virgilio (The Angel of Mercy appears to Dante and Virgil)
  • Michelangelo Schiavonio: Paradiso Canto XV / Dante nel cielo di Marte incontra Cacciaguida (Dante, in the Heaven of Mars, meets Cacciaguida)
  • Francesco Fontebasso: Paradiso Canto XXX / Dante e Beatrice nell'Empireo (Dante and Beatrice in the Empyrean)

All of the stamps share the same text as follows: vertically, at the left: "POSTE MAGISTRALI"; at the top: "SOVRANO MILITARE ORDINE DI MALTA" (Sovereign Military Order of Malta); and below the caption at the bottom: "Cartor - 2014". The denomination is in the lower right corner.
Denomination: € 1,75 (1.75 EUR)
Perforation: 13 × 13 (comb)
Printing process: Offset lithography
Print run: 4,000 sets


52 × 40 mm (all)

Bibliographic Citation

Sassone no. 1209–1214


Francesco Fontebasso
Michelangelo Schiavonio
Gaetano Zompini
Antonio Zatta
Poste Magistrali
Cartor (La Loupe, France)